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Executive Summary 
Suatu laporan rangkuman kerja dalam aktivitas manajemen perusahaan (misalnya), dan biasanya juga digunakan oleh pihak Top Manajemen untuk menyampaikan laporan lisan kepada stakeholder perusahaan. Kita tidak perlu membuatnya secara panjang lebar. Hanya berisi poin-poin utama. Karena tujuan umum Executive Summary itu sendiri adalah untuk memberikan informasi tanpa menyita banyak waktu bagi pembacanya. Tips lain adalah, buatlah itu dengan bahasa yang mudah dipahami karena umumnya Executive summary akan dibaca oleh orang-orang nonteknikal (lini manajemen). Selain itu, pahamilah dengan sungguh topik utama ( profil perusahaan) yang akan Anda buat exeutive summary-nya. Ada baiknya terlebih dahulu Anda kumpulkan sumber sebanyak-banyaknya. Buat executive summary dengan seolah-olah Anda merupakan bagian dari perusahaan tersebut (pihak intern). Ingat, semakin ringkas dan sarat informasi, akan semakin baik.
  • CONTOH :
Oriflame is a Swedish cosmetics products, founded by two brothers, Jonas and Robert af Jochnick, in 1967. They were youth who have a strong vision to launch an entrepreneurship. They were inspired by the natural beauty of Swedish women, so then they start thinking to create cosmetics from natural plant in Sweden. Oriflame quickly received good response from people in various places around the world. Now it’s still believed to be a product that received an award for high quality and safe. With annual sales of 1.5 billion euros, has 1000 kinds of products, more than 72 million catalogue printed in 35 languages for every year, global R & D Center with more than 100 scientists inside, operated in over 60 countries with 13 franchise of them with 5 production units in Sweden, Poland, Russia, China , and India.
Oriflame products are readily accepted because it is not just cosmetics designed for women who put appearances. It’s provides products for men and children. However, the main target is the woman (as the largest large number in the world). Those who want to look beautiful while still care about the health of skin. In addition, users also learn to care about nature. By the founder, since first it created, their purpose is to create environmentally friendly products. By processing without destroy nature, and also packaging products are recyclable, not tested on animals or use animal material except for beeswax and lanolin, but material and natural starch. Also produced by the factory which have had perpetual quality control and strict environment control eventhough high technology. Besides, users Oriflame also taught to care others. Oriflame is a founder of World Childhood Foundation. Indirectly, the user will make a donation from each purchase of product.
Products offered are very comprehensive. Start of body, hair, and skin care products, makeup, fragrances, accessories, products for men and also children. Until now Oriflame also become the number one product in Europe and in Indonesia itself is a cosmetics company, first rank for the independent sales system categories. For future business development, Oriflame will not only sell, but also founded beauty class schools.
Oriflame currently own shares spread across a variety of investors in many countries. Includes Stock Center in New York. Managers is a team that has been formed as a representative of each State. Even for so worldwide, Euromonitor International Oriflame Oriflame Cosmetics using Ab Company Profile to provide reports and evaluations regarding the company's strategic brand assessment and the challenges of competition and future prospects, examining the performance of cosmetics and stock markets by sector and region. That's also why Oriflame still survive till now, even more advanced rapidly.
There are many reasons for you to join us. Whether as consumers or consultants. You can enjoy high quality products and earn many things when starting this business. By choosing your own working time, and the uniqueness of direct selling which will increase profits for you in bidding because people will more trust in offering people who already knew. Ease of access will also help you because in Indonesia itself, Oriflame already has 14 branches in various cities. With the registration fee is only 39,900 (IDR) for a consultant, you can print money whenever you want and wherever you are. So, let’s make money today and fulfill your dreams tomorrow.

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